Jan.24,2010.Kasparov Chess Foundation presents Greater Mid-Atlantic Scholastic Championships!

5-SS, G/30. Hilton Garden Inn, Baltimore/ Arundel Mills, 7491-A, New Ridge Rd. Hanover, MD 21076. 8 sections(Sunday).

Chess Lessons with Grandmaster Sam Palatnik.

You will be taught with a special training method that has been exclusively developed by GM Sam Palatnik.A series of lectures will nurture your talent and your rating will soar.

I was born in Odessa, Ukraine. My parents chose for me the name Semyon, which means "heard by God". Even to this day, the sound of the word Semyon makes me feel as if someone in heaven is listening.

When I left Ukraine I was surprised to learn that my name, which I considered so simple, was difficult to pronounce even by the most well-intentioned of people. Trying to be sensitive to the difficulty most people had pronouncing my name, I tried to find a name that would be easier to pronounce. I considered the names Simon and Samuel among others. It shouldn't be too surprising that in Uncle Sam's country, I finally chose the name Sam. I like Sam because it is simple to pronounce and it seems to invoke a melodic tone.
Here in the United States, as well as all around the world, the title of International Grandmaster is well respected and a source of pride. As a child in Odessa, I dreamed of becoming a Grandmaster. In 1978, I was fortunate enough through the will of God to attain the title of Grandmaster. I thank him everyday for this and many other blessings.

And now some basic dates that constitute my biography:

March, 26 1950

Odessa, Ukraine (former USSR)


1958 - 1963

Chess study at the "Palace of Pioneers", Odessa, Ukraine.

1969 - 1975 Diploma in Engineering Science (equivalent to MS)
Odessa Polytechnic University, Odessa, Ukraine
Thermodynamics and Power Station Engineering

1992 - 1994 Chair of Economics, Management and Enterprise.
Odessa State Academy of Coldness, Odessa, Ukraine
Work on PHD dissertation, specialty - economics of industry. (Not finished)


2007 � PresentChess program at University of Maryland in Baltimore County - Ass. Director
2003 � 2007LeMoyne � Owen college - professor
2003� 2006Davidson Hotel Company � consultant
1999- 2010United States Chess Federation Coach for the U.S. Teams on the World Junior Championships and Olympiad
1999 - PresentContinental Chess Inc., Salisbury Mills, NY- Analytic and Consultant
1997 - PresentChessPro Inc., Baltimore, USA, - President
1994 � 2000Nashville Chess Center, USA, - Grandmaster in Residence
1993 - 1995International foundation "Business Diaspora of Ukraine" � Board member
1991 - 1994International Institute for Trade and Education, (IITE) Boston, USA - Bureau Chief, Kiev, Ukraine. Establishing direct contact between office of President of Ukraine, and IITE (Boston) for purpose of developing international conferences and investment opportunities for military-to-civilian industrial conversion and Chernobyl nuclear power plant cleanup, identification and recruitment of engineers and scientists for purpose of patenting and marketing inventions in the United States. Monitoring commodity opportunities in Russia and Ukraine.
1982 - 1994Ukrainian Chess Federation, Kiev, Ukraine - Vice President. Presided over membership one million members. As Head Chess Coach of the Ukraine, - was responsible for all aspects of chess coaching throughout the country, including the Ukrainian Schools where chess is taught as a school subject. Extensive travel and lecture tours throughout Ukraine and other former Soviet Republics, establishing extensive contacts at different levels of government, academia and chess lovers.
1982 - 1991Ukrainian National Chess Academy, Kiev, Ukraine - Executive Director. Manager of all business and educational activities at World famous chess academy, recognized internationally as preeminent in the field of chess strategy. Coordinated international chess tournaments. Developed methods of chess training and strategic planning. Directed staff of over twenty-five people.
1988 - 1990University of Physical Culture, Kiev, Ukraine - Professor. Founder the Faculty of Chess teachers. Course of chess theory.
1979 - 1982Soyuz Gipro Autoprom, Kiev, Ukraine - Senior Engineer. Financial estimating of project cost, energy consumption for the design and construction of automobile manufacturing plants.
1978 - PresentInternational Chess Grandmaster. Winner more than ten "Class A" international chess tournaments, including the World Open in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1991
1986 - PresentEmeritus Coach of Ukraine. Highest awarded coach by the former Soviet Union. Head coach of youth and adult teams that won Soviet, European and World team competitions. Teacher of ten of the world's top 100 players. Coach of the Indian Olympic chess team and as coach of the Buenos Aires Chess Federation in 1997. Coached the Ukrainian representatives in the World Youth Chess Championship in France. Coached USA representatives in World Boys and Girls Chess Championships in Armenia in 1999 and in Ukraine in 2000.
1994 - 2003Author of several instructive chess books printed in USA
2003Awarded by United States Chess Federation as an �Ambassador of Chess�.

Platonov's Chess Academy.
Grandmasters Lev Alburt and Sam Palatnik, two of the most renowned chess trainers in the world, introduce and explain the revolutionary ideas of their old friend and mentor, Igor Platonov.Reveals top chess training secrets of Soviet champions. Deeply examines the theory of the Sicilian Defense - the most popular chess opening. Provides a unique understanding of how small changes in a chess position can require completely different long-range plans. Offers you a real strengthening of your chess understanding. For intermediate players to grandmasters. .

The Chess GPS. Improvement.
This first book in the "Chess GPS" series aims to introduce a new concept in the search for positional advantage and is aimed towards modernizing Steinitz theory. In addition to continuous accumulation of small advantages, one should focus his knowledge, talents, life experience, inspiration and fantasy on continuous improvement of his position. Improvement is a universal concept and can be applied towards every position and not just to the ones where there is a clear path to obtaining advantage. You can unblock any obstacles towards realizing your chess personality by taking full personal responsibility for every move. This strategy will move you towards achieving your chess goals. The books in the "Chess GPS"series are designed for more effective focusing the player's energy and creative skills in the right direction. "The Chess GPS.Improvement" -is composed of learning examples of how such a concept was realized by grandmasters in modern chess practice. This book should help you find your chess individuality, as well as present you with other tools to help improve your game...

The Tarrasch Formula
The central metaphor is an interesting one - the pack versus the herd. Imagine your own pieces as a pack of wolves trying to isolate a sick buffalo from your opponent's herd. The premise is that steady play 'to reduce the power of a single enemy piece, turning down the volume until its normal voice becomes a whisper,' can be enough to win a game...

Chess Strategy for the Tournament Player
Demystifies chessboard planning, giving you the practical, game-winning strategic techniques you could spend years gathering on your own. Such idea is explained and illustrated using games carefully chosen for their instructive clarity and power.

The King in Jeopardy
User-friendly lessons on how to attack the king. Presents material with quizzes to test yourself along the way.

Chess Tactics for the Tournament Player
This book contains hundreds of strikingly beautiful positions arranged by difficulty and designed to sharpen the tactical recognition and vision of experienced players anywhere. Nothing is left to chance.